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Everything To Know About Devils Bykes’ Mechanic Course

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

At Devil Bykes, we are enthusiastic about what we do and want to share that passion with others. We take pride in developing a close relationship with each of our clients, and we want to give people the confidence they need to take care of their bikes on their own. One way we connect with our customers is by providing a 2 day home mechanic course throughout the summer season. People can attend this course to learn how to maintain and repair their own bicycles. What else can you expect, though?

Day 1 Of The Mechanic Course

On the first day of our mechanic course, we will go through the basics. You will introduce yourself, why you’re here, what you ride, and what you want to learn from this course.

Then, we move on to the anatomy of the bike. This covers the frame, the drive train, brakes, pedals, and headset. Again, this covers the fundamental workings of each bike component. You must comprehend each component of your bike in order to be able to confidently fix and maintain it.

We then move on to looking at the common tools and how to use them. We cover tools such as allen and torx keys, cable pullers, chain splitters, torque wrenches, and chain wear indicators. By doing this, you'll gain a better understanding of each tool, when it should be used, and how to use it.

Safety is important, so you’ll learn about how to M check your bike. The M check is a basic safety inspection of all a bike's major components, starting at the front hub and working backwards

. The check is so named because you check the bike by following the outline of the letter M. It's a helpful pattern to follow and enables you to spot any issues with the bike right away. At Devil Bykes, we achieve this by setting the bike down and emphasising the importance of conducting a quick safety check before each ride. It's a good habit to form and doesn't take long.

Then we get very practical. You'll learn about tyres and tubes, as well as get hands-on experience removing and inspecting tyres and repairing punctures. This includes tubeless system demonstrations and all the roadside hacks you'll need to get home in an emergency, as well as regular maintenance tips.

You’ll learn how to remove and replace pedals, how to check, adjust and replace wheel bearings, how to make a buckled wheel true again and finally how to fix and adjust all sorts of brakes such as v brakes, side pull and disc brakes.

Day 2 Of The Mechanic Course

On the second day, we start by getting you to detect and adjust for worn headsets and bottom brackets before, all demonstrated by our instructor, then you get to practice on our workshop bikes to make sure you get hands-on experience with how things work and how to fix it when they don’t.

The rest of the second day is dedicated to the bike drive train, you’ll get to remove and replace the chain and cassette, and straighten a bent derailleur hanger before learning how to diagnose and set up gears and derailleurs.

By the end of the second day, you’ll be able to tackle many of the jobs that you would normally take to the bike shop at home with confidence and knowledge of how things work and what to do when they don’t, keeping an eye on roadside hacks and cheats to get you out of trouble when you are away from home, ensuring that you feel confident whenever and wherever.

Devils Bykes Limited

At Devils Bykes, we aim to inspire people to learn more about their bikes and to have the confidence to attempt some maintenance on their own. To do this, we work to foster a friendly atmosphere where we can all express our enthusiasm for riding. We provide a large range of services, from simple puncture repairs to our home mechanic course. To check out our services, click here. Additionally, to stay up to date with us, check out our Facebook.

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