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Top 5 Brighton Cyclist Cafes

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Brighton thrives as a vibrant city, boasting a thriving biking community that ardently embraces the joy of cycling.

As avid riders navigate through the splendid biking locations scattered across Brighton, they often encounter a common predicament: the search for the perfect cyclist-friendly cafe.

In this article, we will explore a selection of exceptional cyclist cafes that cater to the needs and preferences of Brighton cyclists, ensuring an unforgettable experience for those seeking the ideal pit stop along their cycling journeys.

Garden Cafe Brighton

Crafted with enthusiasm and presented with love! Garden Cafe Brighton embodies a paradise for plant-based enthusiasts.

Boasting an extraordinary assortment of plant-based offerings and distinctively blended beverages, this idyllic establishment serves as an ideal sanctuary to pause during your bike ride and indulge in one of your daily 5 a day.

Impossible to overlook, the cafe's exquisite collection of blooming flowers graces its exterior, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

  • Dog friendly: Yes.

  • Vegan options: Yes.

  • Free Wifi: Not stated.

  • Price range: ££

Chateau Velo

Chateau Velo, located in Peacehaven, East Sussex, is a premier destination for indoor cycling. Their state-of-the-art spin studio and comfortable cafe area are designed to provide you with everything you need to power up for an intense ride and replenish your energy to leave with a sense of satisfaction.

At Chateau Velo, they offer a variety of music-infused spin classes suitable for all fitness levels, all aimed at one objective: to assist you in pushing your limits and finding joy in your cycling experience.

Whether you're a passionate cyclist or simply enjoy the activity, Chateau Velo is the ideal place to indulge in your love for cycling while ensuring you feel accomplished, cheerful, and invigorate

  • Dog-friendly: Not stated.

  • Vegan options: Yes

  • Free Wifi: Not stated.

  • Price range: ££

Chalet Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Preston Park, this charming, family-run cafe is a haven for those who relish cycling adventures through the park.

It offers an assortment of delectable homemade cakes, savoury treats, ice cream, and refreshing beverages.

Situated in a bustling area popular among Brighton cyclists, it serves as the perfect respite for those seeking a much-needed break to unwind and recharge their energy levels in the midst of their bike ride.

  • Dog friendly: Not stated.

  • Vegan options: Yes.

  • Free Wifi: Not stated.

  • Price range: ££

White Cloud Coffee Co.

Catering to avid cycling enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs alike, this establishment is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the perfect blend. Their meticulously crafted coffee is specially tailored to invigorate your passion and accompany your thrilling bike rides throughout Brighton.

With an emphasis on excellence, they take pride in their premium-grade coffee, boasting delightful flavour profiles of chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, and more.

Additionally, they provide a convenient coffee subscription service, ensuring you never run out of your favourite brew.

But that's not all—this vibrant cafe also hosts an array of captivating events. From captivating exhibitions to engaging bike meetups, it's an opportunity to mingle with intriguing individuals while savouring the finest cup of coffee in town.

  • Location: Atlas Chambers 33 West Street, Brighton BN1 2RE England.

  • Dog friendly: Yes.

  • Vegan options: Yes.

  • Free Wifi: Not stated.

  • Price range: £££

Laughing Dog

Accompanied by their charming golden retriever mascot, Bandit, Laughing Dog is an eccentric, plant-based cafe that serves as a delightful haven for remote workers seeking both delectable snacks and an aesthetically pleasing workspace.

With an enticing selection of pancakes, bagels, and sandwiches, this whimsical establishment makes for the perfect pit-stop to replenish your energy levels during your ride.

  • Location: 31 Waterfront, Brighton BN2 5WA England.

  • Dog friendly: Yes

  • Vegan options: Yes.

  • Free Wifi: Yes.

  • Price range: ££

Devils Bykes Repair Shop

At Devils Bykes, we aspire to motivate customers to learn more about their bikes and have the confidence to attempt maintenance by themselves. To do this, we create an incredibly welcoming environment where everyone can share their passion for bikes and riding. To check out our services, click here. Also, stay up to date with us on Facebook.

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