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Regular Service

Safety Check

  • 1 hour
  • 45 British pounds
  • Devils Bykes

Service Description

A regular bike service includes the following: Gears adjusted and tested - Your gears will be tested by shifting through all of the gears and checking for smooth, seamless transitions between each one. We'll also listen out for any odd noises or resistance when gear-shifting. We'll also look visually for any signs of wear or damage to the chain, cassette or crankset. Brakes adjusted and tested - We will start by adjusting the brake pads so that they are properly aligned and have the right amount of clearance from the brake rotor or wheel rim. As well, we will adjust the brake lever so that it feels comfortable and easy to operate. Tyres inflated to correct pressures and inspected - Your bike tyres will be inflated using a pump that forces air into the tyre through the valve. After inflating the tyre, our team will inspect the tyre for any signs of damage or wear such as cuts or bulges. Nuts and bolts checked - Our professionals will inspect all fastened items on your bike, including nuts and bolts. They will check to make sure none of these components are loose, and tighten them if necessary. This will help ensure safe riding. TESTING - After the adjustments have been made, we will test the bike through operating all functions in the workshop and then out on the road. This is to ensure that everything is safe and working effectively. Do I need this service? You will need to service your bike more frequently if you ride it every day but don't give it much attention. Generally, if you commute to work on a bike daily, you should have it serviced every six months. If you use it frequently, every seven to nine months will suffice for a maintenance visit. Devil Bykes If you are interested in this bike service, call us on 07775 582898.

Contact Details

  • 247 Dyke Rd, Hove, Brighton BN3 6PA, UK


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