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Ebike Puncture Repair

Price does not include an inner tube which will be added when you come (£7 - £100)

  • 30 min
  • 13 British pounds
  • Devils Bykes

Service Description

At Devil Bykes, riding is our passion. We will assist you with any service or repair because we want to ensure you have the best riding experience possible! What Is Puncture Repair Service? During this service, the team at Devil Bykes will make sure your tyres are clean, and most importantly, safe. To make sure the puncture is fully fixed, we remove the affected tyre, locate the puncture and cause, removing any thorns, glass etc from the tyre. Finally, we’ll check the tyre and the wheel rims for any damage before replacing the innertube with a new one and send the old one to Velorim for recycling. Causes Of Tyre Punctures Foreign objects pointed burrs on the interior of the wheel, improper riding technique, and other factors can all result in punctures. The inner tube might be pinched between the tyre and the rim, or a spoke's end might need to be taped or flattened. Quite frequently, the object remains lodged in the tyre; therefore, if you don't find it and remove it, the new inner tube will only be quickly deflated by the same little blighter. What Can Happen If I Don’t Attend To A Punctured Tyre? If your bike's tyres are punctured, you are completely unable to ride it. If you try to do this, you end up damaging the tube inside the tyre, the tyre itself and event the wheel. A tubeless bike tyre will self-seal a puncture, but can still cause damage to tyre and wheel if run when flat. Devil Bykes If you are interested in this bike service, call us at 07775 582898.

Contact Details

  • 247 Dyke Rd, Hove, Brighton BN3 6PA, UK

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