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Chat with Matt

If you don’t really know what’s wrong.

  • 15 min
  • Devils Bykes

Service Description

Whether you are a beginner or an expert cyclist, there are times when you just need a little extra support. Chat With Matt is our special, more conversational service where our bike specialist Matt can assist you with all of your questions if you are not really sure what is wrong, what you need, or where to start. Matt can help you with an array of queries. For instance, what bike service do I need? How often should I get a full clean for my bike? Is this the right bike for me? Each service, its advantages, and the significance of routinely maintaining your bike can be explained to you by Matt. Matt can help you select the right bike for your needs and riding style, as well as ensure that it is properly fitted to your body. They can also provide expert advice on maintenance and repairs, helping you keep your bike in top condition for years to come. Additionally, a bike expert can offer training and tips to help you improve your riding skills and maximise your enjoyment of the sport. In addition to providing answers to your questions, as previously mentioned, our Chat With Matt service is more of a conversational service, so stop by the shop if you just want to express your enthusiasm and enjoyment for cycling to someone who can relate. Come on in; the biking community is open to everyone and anyone! Devil Bykes If you are interested in this bike service, call us at 07775 582898.

Contact Details

  • 247 Dyke Rd, Hove, Brighton BN3 6PA, UK

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